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Showers of Blessings

June 15, 2011

Yesterday was…………, God is just overwhelming sometimes.
Yesterday morning I made a point to acknowledge my nothingness before God.

Nothing is apparently more helpless, yet really more invincible, than the soul that feels its nothingness and relies wholly on the merits of the Saviour. By prayer, by the study of His word, by faith in His abiding presence, the weakest of human beings may live in contact with the living Christ, and He will hold them by a hand that will never let go. (MH, EGW, p.182)

I don’t have enough time to write the blessings! Ah, so little time. But God did double for me than I have ever had before. LIGHT overview:

One lady gave $40 for the cookbook, enough money for 3 more books. I was led by the Holy Spirit to give her Peace Above the Storm. I could tell she needed it. Well. God could.

A couple houses down, I was able to leave the same book with a woman who just lost her husband. God provides for His children.

After getting to know me and seeing that I wanted to be a missionary teacher, a man gave part of his tithe money for a book for his daughter and a Great Controversy. He realized that this was God’s work. He will be blessed!

I was short $5. I was thinking I would just add some from my own pocket. The next house, the guy barely even listened to me but gave me $5 as a donation, just because. WHAT IN THE WORLD.

One lady looked COMPLETELY disinterested. I persisted. She got Man of Peace, Peace Above the Storm, and the Great Controversey.


SOOOOO many stories from yesterday. THERE WILL BE SHOWERS OF BLESSING.

But the most important thing I learned yesterday…


Anyways. When God’s truth is imparted, Satan falls like lightening (Luke 10:18). And that we are not to rejoice in books, or that we “have power” in Jesus’ name, but rather we are to rejoice that our names our written in the books of heaven. We are to rejoice everyday, no matter the circumstances. We are to say the words of Esther, “If I perish, I perish.” “If I have a bad day, I have a bad day.” No matter what happens, God is still God and God is still good. I am not to rejoice in the sales, nor even the experiences. Rather, I am to rejoice that I have communion with God. And He makes it all worth it.

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