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June 21, 2011

Today was a blessing.

Two things to say.

One. Never overlook kids.

There were three guys riding skateboards/chilling outside a home.  10, 12, and 18 years old. Earlier, I had seen them put a ramp up for their skateboards. When I came by their house, I asked “Hey, why aren’t you going off the ramp? I wanted to see the action!” They grinned and gladly accepted the challenge. Made friends with them about my inability to skateboard. Talked to them about video games. I went to the drop down and asked if they could help out. They scoured their pockets and asked their parents, but to no avail. “Alright, I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” I said as I drew near in a secretive manner. “I can leave these books with you guys if you promise me you’ll read them.” The eldest’ eyes widened with sincerity, “Oh definitely. We’ll read them right now.” The other two joined in with sincerity. “Alright,” I said and then smiled. “Only because you guys skateboard and because he has a cool shirt,” I said, gesturing to the one who didn’t skateboard. They all grinned.

Three houses down I looked back to see what they were up to. They were all sitting on the back of a truck in the driveway, books out, and one of them was reading it aloud. My heart nearly burst with joy.

I was on a different street about 30 minutes later when the youngest guy rode up on his skateboard. I waved at him and told him to wait a moment as I knocked on the next door. The man was aggressively not interested, so I came back quickly. “Hey!” he said with a smile. “Hey bud! How goes the book?” “Good!” he said proudly. “We each read one chapter, so we’re on chapter four now. They had to go in for dinner, so we’re gonna start up again tomorrow.” I smiled so big. “That’s awesome Jameson! What did you read?” “Well my chapter was about when Jesus came to the temple and saw all the money changers and then……………….”

I love children. I love kids, man! THEY WERE ENTHUSIASTICALLY READING THAT BOOK. It’s excerpts form Desire of Ages, btw. God is so crazy awesome.

Two. Faith is believing in things you can’t see or empirically prove. I’ve been sensing a need to draw closer to God, but I didn’t know what was standing in the way. LONG story short, I realized what it was today. I lack faith. Thomas and I have too much in common. I have a good day as soon as people are nice. On the way to territory I cry (literally) because I am so terrified. Yet I’m fine as soon as something good happens. “Lord, You are good!” I’ll say. But I only say so because He just used me. Ahhhh. So much growing to do.

Pray that I have more faith. Pray that God continues to bless. I know He will. I really want to elaborate more but I have 3 minutes to brush my teeth and run downstairs. Ahhhh the canvassers’ life 🙂

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