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Perfect Timing.

August 8, 2011

He is faithful until the end.

Yesterday, the supposed last day of canvassing, was a struggle. It rivaled my first day with the amount of tears that were spilt. A couple of books went out, sure, but I was so discouraged–I felt forsaken. Key word, of course, felt. I was agonizing with the Lord: Why would you let my last day end this way? Why didn’t you answer my prayer? I was….confused. However, by God’s grace, I held onto the little faith I sitll claimed. I know You’re still with me, I know You’re still good. I know You used me to get the man the Ancient Dream because he was searching. I know this….I was closing my computer down when Lily gave us a…surprise. “Hey, we’re going to canvass some tomorrow. Well, I mean it’s up to you guys, but…” Again? I thought. But I had a faithful thought. Maybe because He knew it wasn’t my last day, He’s going to…..

My prayer request was that I would be able to meet someone in the pit of despair, and share with them hope. Someone who couldn’t see past the darkness of life, and share God’s hope with them.

We were only out for two hours today. It’s not enough time for anything crazy to happen. My doubts were driving me crazy. A very kind lady got a cookbook. A couple of people donated for a TIme for Peace (excerpts from the Desire of Ages). I even met an older man who was very very interested in the Great Controversy. He gave me everything he had, which was about 1/10 of what was needed. But I’ll never hold a GC back. Gave it to him on faith, challenging him to read it as the truth. He promised he would, with sincerity in his eyes. Good experiences, but still….I needed….something…

I had decided by this point that it wasn’t in God’s will to give me this experience I begged for.

Second to last door. An older man opened the door with red rimmed and puffy eyes. He looked as if he had been crying for weeks. Within twenty seconds of talking with him I learned his wife had died not even a month ago. He talked about her with a deep love and longing in his voice. “I just miss her so much…” I asked him about her some, and he eagerly told me all about her, talking more to the sky than to me. He started crying as he spoke and I handed him the Peace Above the Storm to get his attention. He stopped mid sentence and looked down at it, and then back at me. “I don’t have the money for this.” “Forget about the money for a moment. Just look at it.” I started telling him about the book, how it had changed my life, and how I knew God would use it to change his. After hearing about it, he said “Well you can’t give me a book like this for free!” and handed me double the normal amount people give. He was firm about me taking it. Then he fixed his sad eyes on me, “Do you have any books about heaven?” “Not really…..why?” “The Bible says there’s no marriage in heaven. I know we’ll all be married to Jesus just like He’s married to the church but….but…does that mean I can’t have my wife anymore?” His hopes were so fragile. “Actually, sir, you’re imperfect right now and can’t love her completely. But in heaven? In heaven, you will be able to love her so much more than you could ever dream to now. You’ll love her with a perfect love.” His darkened face lit up with a huge smile. “Really? I’ll be able to love her more?” I nodded. I prayed with him and talked a little more, encouraged him with the few Bible texts I knew, and left his door. I nearly stumbled from his porch, overwhelmed by the answer to my prayer. I was still reeling when I knocked on my last door. The young lady was very interested in the Great Controversy. She told me she had to borrow money from her dad to donate for it. I told her that was fine and followed her to……the door I had just come from. I laughed aloud at how crazy God is. “What?” she asked with a smile. “You’ll see in a second,” I replied. She knocked on the door and the man came out. As soon as he saw me he smiled, “Hey hun, this young lady just prayed with me! And I got this book from her!” He waved it proudly. She told him about the Great Controversy and it interested him as well. “You two will just have to share then!” “Oh we will, definitely!” he assured me. I waved good bye to them and laughed and praised God all the way to the awaiting car.

God is faithful, even when I am not. That was the most direct, no getting around it, powerful, well waited for, perfectly timed answer to prayer. Mercy. Jesus knows.

I don’t want to forget this. The answer to prayer was preceded by the deepest agonizing with the Lord that I had ever known. One of the biggest reasons that was such a blessing, was because of the pain of the day before. I don’t leave out the day before when telling the testimony. The fact that God brings such good from the darkest moments……He’s so crazy.

“…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Ps. 30:5

And it’s a greater joy than we could ever fathom.

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  1. August 8, 2011 7:29 pm

    That brought tears to my eyes to see how God worked thru you. He is faithful and true and will complete the work that He has started in us.
    Blessings and I’ll see you at registration.

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